When Is It Time For Replacement Windows?

Majic Window highlights 4 signs indicating it's time to have your windows replaced.
Last month we highlighted several indicators that could signal the need for new replacement windows, but this is by no means an all-encompassing list. This week Majic Window has a few more signs for you to consider when figuring out whether or not it is time for new windows.

Single-Paned Windows

Many older homes still have their original windows built with a single-pane glass. This is a huge issue because single-pane glass is not energy efficient. The older models often freeze open or shut and feel cold and icy to the touch. Single-pane windows are infamously known for developing frost on the inside of the window which dramatically increases the chance of breakage. If you have single-paned windows it may certainly be time for an upgrade.

Outside Noise

Is there a lot of noise from the outside world seeping into your house? While there are several reasons as to why a lot of sound may be leaking into your house from the outside, replacing your windows could certainly help. Modern windows greatly reduce the noise transmission into your home. In fact, many homeowners are often surprised at how significantly new windows reduce exterior noise. There is no denying that an added level of peace and quiet is certainly a good thing.

Faded Home Décor

Older windows have a habit of letting in more ultraviolet rays than desired. Those extra UV rays can lead to the fading of furniture, artwork, and carpets within your home. If this is the case upgrading to more energy efficient windows could potentially solve that problem. Energy efficient windows let in less UV allowing your décor to be better preserved.

Storm Windows

Having to install and remove storm windows on an annual basis can be a very cumbersome task, especially with homes that have multiple levels. Having new energy efficient replacement windows installed would eliminate the annual hassle of installing and removing storm windows.

Do any of these indicators sound like problems that plague your home? If so, it is time to start looking for new replacement windows. Be sure to look at Majic Window’s selection of replacement fiberglass windows. Our windows are the most durable, longest lasting windows money can buy, and that’s a guarantee!