The 6 Best Halloween Decorations For Your Majic Windows

Majic Halloween window decorations

It’s unfortunate and we probably don’t want to admit it, but Fall is officially here.  That being the case, we thought you might be interested in decorating your windows for the occasion. Here at Majic Window, we not only know our windows inside and out, we also know how to decorate them. Below you’ll find 5 of our favorite Fall/Halloween window decorating ideas. All of these ideas are fairly easy to recreate and they make for great family craft activities. Pick out an idea you like, visit the craft store, and get busy getting festive.

1) Paper Silhouettes

Halloween window silhouette
The easiest way to create a window decoration is to cut it out of paper, but you’re probably thinking, “I don’t want to waste all that paper on a huge, elaborate window decoration.” Good news, you don’t have to! Simply recycle all of your old brown paper grocery bags. Aside from old grocery bags, you’ll need a few extra materials. Those materials include:

  1. Black paint
  2. Scissors
  3. Double sided tape
  4. Painter’s tape

Rip your bags open so that they become flat sheets of paper. Tape them together on one side using painter’s tape and coat the other side with black paint. If you want to take your decoration a step further you could even coat your paper with black chalkboard paint rather than normal black paint. That way you’ll be able to elaborate on your design by adding more detail with chalk. There are an endless number of different silhouettes you can make. You could create a spooky tree, a silhouette graveyard, a scary monster, a haunted mansion, a witch, etc. Once your silhouette is finished you  can use double stick tape to attach it to your window.

2) Hanging Paper Pumpkins

pumpkin craft
This cool craft is so easy that anyone of any age can do it and the results look beautiful. One piece of construction paper creates one pumpkin. Simply take a piece of orange construction paper and start cutting it into strips 1 inch in width. Your strips will be of varying length. You’ll need 2 11 inch strips, 2 9 inch strips, 2 7 inch strips, and 1 6 inch strip. Once you’ve finished cutting your strips you can then begin assembling your pumpkin. The 6 inch strip will be in the middle with each proceeding strip sandwiching out from smallest to largest. Make sure the top and bottom are flush and put a staple in each end. You can then use brown and green construction paper to cut out leaves and a stem. Curl the stems and leaves around a pencil and staple everything together.

3) Flying Bats

flying bat halloween
Much like the hanging paper pumpkins, flying bats are another great fall craft to make with kids. To create your own flying bat you’ll need:

  1. Black construction paper
  2. Toilet paper or paper towel tube
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. A white crayon

Paper bat
You’ll need to start by taking your crayon and tracing out the different shapes to cut. You’ll want 2 triangle ears, a rectangle to wrap around the toilet paper tube, and bat wings. It may also help to create a template to trace your pieces from. Once you’re finished you should have all your pieces together and ready to glue like the image below.

With all your paper cut up you can then cut your toilet paper tube in half and begin to glue things together. Start by gluing the black rectangle around the tube. Then, glue on the ears and the wings. Finally, you can take your white crayon and draw on a face to create a finished tube bat.

4) Paper Window Decorations

Halloween sun-catcher
Much like the paper silhouettes, there’s an endless number of paper window decorations you could create. A few ideas to get you started include, a pumpkin, a Frankenstein, leafs, and apples. Depending on what you want to make your materials may vary, but there are a few that will remain consistent. No matter what you decide to make, you will need:

  1. Contact paper
  2. Craft foam
  3. Tissue paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Scotch tape
  6. Double sided tape

Fall window decoration
Start by laying your contact paper down on a table. It can be tricky to keep the paper flat, which is where the Scotch tape comes in. Simply tape each corner of your paper down to the table. You can then start ripping up tissue paper and sticking it on the contact paper. The color of your tissue paper obviously depends on what you’re making. The goal is to completely cover the area in the shape you’re trying to create. From there you can cut your foam into the correct shape as well. Your foam will act as a border. Once you have your foam and your tissue paper stuck to the contact paper you can cut everything out. Finally, you can use double sided tape to stick your finished paper decoration to the wall.

5) Bloody Windows

Fall window decoration
You could say that making this craft is a, “Bloody” good time. Fret not, the bad puns are over. For this project, all you need is:

  1. Wax paper
  2. Red paint
  3. Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. A paint brush

Fall paint splatter
Lay the wax paper out on your lawn and open up your red paint. Dip your brush into the paint and begin to splatter it all over your wax paper. Feel free to also dip your hand in paint and press it against the paper to create a bloody hand imprint. Once the paint has dried you’re good to stick your creation to your window with tape.

6) Boarded windows

Halloween window boards
This is the most time consuming decoration on our list to pull off, but it is also without a doubt our favorite. To create boards for your windows you’ll need the following items:

  1. 1″ thick extruded polysyrene foam insulation
  2. Several variations of brown paint
  3. Wood glaze
  4. Beige paint
  5. A thin piece of cardboard
  6. A wide paintbrush
  7. Gorilla Glue
  8. Dog leashes
  9. Plywood

Start by cutting the insulation sheets into boards 4½” wide. When you’re finished cutting your boards you’ll then want to take your piece of cardboard and cut teeth into it. The teeth should have varying widths and distances between them to give a more natural appearance. When your finished it should look similar to the cardboard below.

Cardboard teeth
Take your boards and paint them all with a beige base. Once the base has dried you can then start adding additional coats of brown. To do this, mix your glaze up with a small amount of your brown tint paint. Take your brown glaze mixture and coat each board with it. While the boards are still wet rake the toothed side of your cardboard down the length of the board to give it a realistic grain. Alternatively, you can use your wide brush to create a finer grain. For an added effect, you can take real nails, shorten them, and stick them into your foam.

To hold the boards together you can then apply Gorilla Glue. You’ll want to apply weights to the joints as the glue dried. Once the boards are all assembled you’ll need a way to attach them to your windows. We recommend using short lengths of dog leashes. You can buy a dog leash for $1 at your neighborhood dollar store. To attach the leashes, first hollow out the foam so the leash can sit flush to the surface. You can then secure the leash in with Gorilla Glue. After that you can glue a piece of plywood over the glued section of the leash to secure it. While there is certainly a benefit to having the plywood, you could get away with not including it. The square piece you see in the picture above the leash is an extra piece of insulation. It’s glued on as support to rest against the windowsill.

Leash straps
At this point you’re almost finished! The only remaining step is installation. The boards are installed by closing the window sashes on the leash straps.

Window boards
As you can see, the square pieces of foam then rest against the sills and give the corners support so that the boards don’t flex when the straps are pulled tight. In this example, we’re installing the boards on double hung windows with two moving sashes. If you don’t have a window with an upper and a lower moving sash you can instead secure your boards using fishing line.

Which Do You Like Best?

Is there a decoration from this list you plan on trying create this Halloween? Leave a comment below! For even more DIY ideas and inspiration, be sure to follow Majic Window on Twitter.