The Fiberglass Advantage

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of colors
3x more energy efficient
than vinyl windows
8x Stronger than
vinyl windows

The Fiberglass Advantage

Windows have a tremendous impact on the comfort and quality of your home. Only Majic fiberglass Windows offer the customization, energy efficiency and durability that vinyl windows just can’t match.

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Windows In Any Color

Majic Windows come in any color you can imagine. Their strength and energy-absorbing properties give you the freedom to choose any color to complement your home’s interior. Vinyl windows on the other hand will warp and sag under a dark color coating, so choices are limited. Give your home the perfect look with beautiful, colorful windows!

Save On Energy

Many Michigan and Ohio residents have watched energy bills climb higher and higher during their brutal winters and sweltering summers. Not Majic window customers! Majic’s fiberglass windows are 300% more energy efficient than vinyl, and are proven to shrink energy bills and keep your home at a consistent temperature.

Built for a Lifetime

Finding the perfect new home windows can be a difficult process, but with Majic Window, the reward lasts a lifetime. Majic Fiberglass Windows are 8x stronger than vinyl, so you’ll be enjoying the beauty, comfort, and savings of Majic Windows for as long as you own your home. Don’t make the mistake of choosing vinyl windows you’ll eventually have to replace. Choose Majic – Built for you, built for a lifetime.

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