Fiberglass vs. Wood Windows in Michigan & Ohio


Homeowners realize that they will eventually have to choose to replace their current windows with fiberglass or wood replacement windows. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to both. But when you consider the two types of replacement windows side by side, you’ll see why fiberglass is a clear winner over wood windows.


Wood windows are made from, well wood. They’re natural, and they’re gorgeous. But don’t discount fiberglass yet. They’re made from 80% sand, require less raw goods than wood, and no trees are harmed in the production of fiberglass replacement windows. So, from the beginning of the manufacturing process, they are more eco-friendly than wood windows. As a matter of fact, they are the most environmentally-friendly window system. They are less apt to catch on fire and they don’t emit toxic fumes.


Wood windows have never been known for their efficiency. They warp, rot, and they naturally deteriorate. This translates to higher heating bills and a shorter overall lifespan. It also means a drafty house. Fiberglass replacement windows are super-efficient. They hold their shape well, age slowly, and are much stronger than wood. They separate the inside of your house from the outside elements extremely efficiently. Fiberglass holds up better in Michigan’s weather conditions than wood windows. As a result your heating bills are lower and your house is more comfortable.


Wood windows require regular upkeep. You have to inspect them twice a year for warping, rotting, insect infestation, and gaps. If you notice rotting, you should repaint the windows immediately to repel the water that’s causing the problem. But if you repaint your windows too many times, you’ll eventually have a hard time opening and closing them. When you see warping, there are likely gaps. These gaps are what cause drafty windows. The drafty windows are what cause your heating and air conditioning bills to increase. Plug the holes as soon as you see them which will plug the hole in your heating and cooling bills.

Because fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract easily, there are less maintenance issues. It’s these summer expansions and winter contractions which cause your windows to start failing. This also means there is less of an opportunity for the seal between the glass and the frame to fail. You can paint your fiberglass windows more often without being concerned about overpainting them.

Fiberglass windows are stronger than wood ones and are more resistant to weather extremes. This means they will last longer in comparison to other types of windows. The frames are also less likely to separate or crack.

Fiberglass vs. Wood Windows in Michigan & Ohio

Upfront cost should not be your only consideration when selecting replacement windows for your home. Consider the environmental impact when choosing windows. Lastly, ongoing maintenance varies greatly, but when you consider all of the factors together, fiberglass windows make the most sense.

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