Marvin Windows Vs. Majic Windows

Marvin Windows and Doors

At Majic we differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors just by selling fiberglass windows instead of vinyl. Fiberglass windows are 8x stronger and 3x more energy efficient than vinyl windows. Of course, you probably already knew that and if you’re in the market for fiberglass windows there are a few other companies that produce them. Marvin Windows is one of those companies. How does Majic stack up against Marvin Windows? Let’s take a look at the differences.

 Better Manufacturing

Marvin offers a fiberglass pultruded window which in many ways is similar to Majic’s. However, Marvin uses thinner glass fibers in their pultrusion process. In case you’re not familiar with the process of pultrusion or what it entails, our representative Josh talks you through pultrusion in the video below.

Essentially, the larger the glass fibers are the stronger and more energy efficient the window frame is. From appearance alone you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Marvin and a Majic window frame. But, if you took a frame from each company and installed them into the same exact house you’d find that the Majic window would hold up far better over time, especially against Michigan and Ohio’s harsh weather conditions. Additionally, if you compared a house with Majic windows to a house with Marvin windows, you’d find that the house full of Majic windows would have slightly lower energy costs.

Better Value

Majic window has been providing homes with premium quality fiberglass windows for more than a decade. In fact, Majic is the world’s largest distributor of fiberglass windows. With such high volumes of production our production costs are as low as they could possibly be. We pass those savings onto you by offering you the lowest cost fiberglass windows on the market. The highest quality at the lowest price? Majic Windows have incredible value and it’s a value that Marvin just can’t compete with.

A More Personal Approach

Marvin is a larger national company, which makes it harder for Marvin to give you the personal one-on-one consideration you deserve. As a local, family-owned Michigan business based out of Wixom, MI, Majic couldn’t be more proud to service our great state. Our tireless commitment to outstanding customer service has been leaving customer’s satisfied since 1997. Our sales personnel and installers are your friends and neighbors and our job isn’t done until you’re happy. That’s a commitment that Marvin Windows is just too large to be able to make.

Make It Majic

If you’re thinking about having fiberglass windows installed in your home and you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, make the right choice. Make it Majic. Marvin Windows is a great company with decent fiberglass windows. However, Marvin just can’t compete with the durability, energy efficiency, and price of our fiberglass windows. Visit our fiberglass windows page to learn more about our Majic Fiberglass Windows.