Stylish Window Treatments For Your Casement Windows

Majic Window provides examples of pleated shades, roller shades, panels on swing-arm rods, and tab-top panels.
Last week we wrote about stylish treatments to update your double hung windows, but we do not want to limit your style options to only one type of window. This week Majic is covering casement windows and the different types of ways casement windows can be styled to fit the look of your home. Below, Majic Window has gathered several different great options for you to choose from!

1) Pleated Shade

The casement’s contemporary appeal can be easily complimented with a pleated shade. By mounting the pleated shade neatly within the window frame the fabric treatments enhance the clean-line design with a softer touch.

2) Roller Shade

The retro roller shade has seen resurgence in popularity because of its many decorative options. Roller shades come in a flavor of different styles with variations in patterned facades, embellished hems, and pulls. One cannot go wrong with the incorporation of a roller shade.

3) Panels on Swing-Arm Rods

The door-like functions of a casement window can be echoed by its treatment as well. Hang panels on swing-arm rods attached to the top of the window. The swing functionality allows the panels to be easily moved and adjusted in accordance to how you may want them.

4) Tab-Top Panels

Tab-top panels are a tried and proven style for any window type, but they are especially great when paired with casement windows. Drapery panels have a lot of flexibility in that they can be formal or laid-back in appearance. Tab-top panels are known for their ability to lend casual comfort to any space.

Gather inspiration from the styles listed above to give your casement windows the look you desire. Are your casement windows Majic Casement Windows? If the answer is no take a look at our replacement fiberglass casement windows and the advantage fiberglass windows can provide for you.