Stylish Window Treatments For Your Double Hung Windows

Majic Window provides examples of pleated panels, swags, cascading panels, and panels on rings.

Double hung windows are the tried and true traditional option for windows. There are a number of different ways to treat the double hung window so that it is given the proper accent within your current interior design. Take a look at some of the different style window treatments Majic Window has outlined below.

1) Pleated Panels

Pleated panels date almost as far back as the double hung window itself. You cannot go wrong with pleated panels as they are a simple, traditional way to bring an elegant look to your windows. For a more formal look, an angular valence can be added to mimic jabots. On the other hand, a scalloped valance can be added to give the window more of a laid-back look.

2) Swags

If you have a pair of double hung windows side-by-side they can be unified with asymmetric swags draped across the top of each window that cascade down the outer window edges. If there are spaces that require privacy, sheers can be layered beneath the swags.

3) Cascading Panels

Perhaps the best thing about the double hung window is its versatility. The double hung window could wear the most casual curtain panels or the most formal bellowing draperies depending on what your design dictates. For a sophisticated look pour full panels over a grand curtain rod and bustle one or both of the panels aside on matching tiebacks. This look is best utilized in great rooms, or dining rooms.

4) Panels On Rings

In the summer season it is refreshing to be able to open a double hung window and let the breeze flow throughout the house. This sensation can be visually captured with flowing panels clipped to a ring that draw across a decorative rod.

These are just a few great options available to add style to your Majic Double Hung Windows. Draw inspiration from these options to fully realize your home’s design potential.