What Paint Color Says About Your Personality


No matter what color your rooms are Majic Fiberglass Windows can match the look.

There is a lot of psychology behind color. If you take a look around your house you will probably notice a theme in the way your rooms are painted. You may notice an abundance of greens, blues, or sunset shades. What you may not realize is that the colors of your walls are an expression of your personality. The colors you choose say a lot about you. So what exactly does each color say about your personality? Majic Window breaks it down for you!

1) Soft Warm Shades

The colors associated with sunshine give your home a cheerful, welcoming personality. These colors may include yellow, orange, peach, and light pink. Warm shades like these appear to spring forward at you making the room feel more intimate. The luminous quality of these colors also gives the room a more energizing and stimulating look. What does this mean for you? People that choose these colors tend to have friendly, nurturing personalities.

2) Soft Cool Hues

Those colors we associate with open fields and skies have an opposite effect on a rooms feel in comparison with the warmer shades. These colors include medium blues, lavenders, and greens. Because these colors are associated with fields, bodies of water, and skies, they are seen as being tranquil and soothing colors. Additionally, because cooler shades are lower in intensity than warmer shades they are easier on the eyes. Should you be drawn to choosing cooler colors for your rooms, you probably view your home as an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic world. There is even a chance that you may exhibit some introverted tendencies.

3) Jewel Tones

Colors that appear royal in nature really make your room pop, as well as, add a touch of glamour and sophistication. These colors are colors you would observe in jewelry such as, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and topaz. Because these colors are so concentrated they will minimize any flaws that might exist in your room. Any room without much architectural interest can be made to feel glamorous, intimate, and cozy with the addition of any one of these colors. If you tend to gravitate towards jewel tones you are probably creative, confident, and outgoing person.

4) Neutral Colors

Colors associated with solid materials like rocks, monuments, or sand have a permanent and crisp look. These colors consist of whites, grays, browns, and beiges. You can never go wrong with these classic colors as you will not have to re-paint rooms after growing tired of more colorful shades. If you have colorful furnishings, neutral walls are the perfect choice as they let your furnishings pop against the plain background emphasizing elements of your rooms that you believe are important. Should you lean more towards neutral colors, you more than likely possess a practical and even-keeled personality.

What colors are in your house? Planning to re-paint soon? What colors are you thinking about painting your walls? No matter what color you decide on Majic Fiberglass Windows can match the look you’re going for. Our windows come in every color imaginable. Whatever color you may need, Majic has the answer. Take a look at our fiberglass windows page for more information.