4 Stylish Treatments for Your Bay Windows

Majic Window illustrates 4 great drapery styles for your bay windows

In February we wrote about how to transform your double hung windows and we covered how to stylize your casement windows. This month Majic is back with tips on how to treat your bay windows! We have collected some of our favorite bay window drapery styles and listed them here for you.

1) Panels and Valance

Much like one would showcase a beautiful painting with an equally attractive frame, the beauty of the outside world as seen through the panes of a window should be framed elegantly. Flank a bay window with curtain panels on both sides united by a valance that spans the entire length of the window’s top. Should exposure to outside elements be a concern sheers can be hidden behind the panels to be drawn across the window openings when needed.

2) Tent-Flap Panels

Should you live in an area with extreme weather conditions like howling winter winders and sweltering sunlight it is best to turn to the constructs that survive harsh, rugged conditions the best, tents! By mounting treatments snug within the window frame the room is able to stay insulated better. Tent-flap style panels offer clean lines that look good both open and closed depending on privacy needs and weather conditions.

3) Roman Shades

Roman shades may be one of the simplest forms of window cover, but in today’s world of woven materials and a plethora of fabric patterns, roman shades are a great option for bay windows. Shades can be embellished with a decorative binding or trim for added style. All in all, roman shades are both a stylish and functional way to treat your windows.

4) Panels on a Rod

Curtain panels hanging suspended from a decorative rod are perhaps one of the most flexible types of window treatments in that they work with most any type of window configuration. For a bay window that projects outside of the house, the rod can simply be mounted to the foreground wall to hang in front of the projected space.

These are four great options to consider when treating your bay windows. Do you have Majic Window bay windows? If not, you might want to consider investing in them in order to receive the fiberglass advantage. You can view our long lasting, energy efficient fiberglass bay windows on our bay windows page.