Majic’s Hydrotherapy and Why You Need It

Majic Window's Hydrotherapy Tub
All of Majic Window’s walk-in tubs come equipped with Majic’s Hydrotherapy. However, you might not be familiar with hydrotherapy, its benefits, or why you might need it in your bathtub. We’d like to shed some light on all of that for you.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to treat certain diseases or maintain health. It is truly incredible how many healing properties water contains. Water can store/carry heat and energy. Water can also help blood flow. It takes the weight off of painful joints while providing resistance at the same time. Water dissolves other substances such as minerals and salts, and most importantly, it has a soothing, calming, and relaxing effect on people. Hydrotherapy can be used to treat a whole slew of illnesses and conditions, but the most common include, acne, arthritis, joint problems, depression, muscle problems, headaches, stomach problems, colds, sleep disorders, intense stress, and nerve problems. In addition to all of these problems, hydrotherapy is also used for relaxation as a way to maintain health and keep you happy.

Why Is Hydrotherapy Right For You?

If you have more serious problems like muscle, nerve, and joint damage, or arthritis, hydrotherapy has very obvious benefits as it relieves the pain. Rather than go to a facility to heal you can work on getting better right within the walls of your own home. However, think of how great it would be to have hydrotherapy for everything else that comes up in life. You could help eliminate your teenager’s acne without using a pile of different topical creams and pills. You could fight that cold you came down with to get rid of it as fast as possible. You could even melt away all of the stress from the tough workday you just experienced. Hydrotherapy is incredibly beneficial! Hydrotherapy allows you to bathe in absolute bliss. You can sit down, turn up the heat, and lay back as your worries and cares slowly melt away. Who couldn’t use a little bit of rest and relaxation? Long story short, hydrotherapy is for everyone!

Why Majic?

Majic’s walk-in tubs not only come with hydrotherapy, they also have several other features that make them one of the best tubs on the market. Majic walk-in tubs are wheelchair accessible and have a low-step entry. They come with a grab bar and slip resistant flooring to ensure your safety. They also feature a comfortable contoured seat that is the height of a normal chair and an inline heater to maintain the same water temperature for the entire duration of your bath. This allows you to sit and enjoy your hydrotherapy like you were sitting in a warm, relaxing Jacuzzi right in your very own home! The choice is obvious. When it comes to purchasing a new tub, make it Majic! For more information about our walk-in tubs visit our walk-in tubs page!