Why Choose Fiberglass Replacement Windows for Your Michigan or Ohio Home?


One of the most important decisions a Michigan or Ohio homeowner will make will be to select replacement windows. And when your choices are wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, your eyes may start to glaze over when confronted with the benefits of each. Below are some advantages for each option, and an explanation why fiberglass replacement windows are the best.

Energy Efficiency

Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are more energy-efficient when compared to wood. Because wood warps, it allows air to pass through, which causes your utility bills to increase. Vinyl, while more efficient than wood, is not as energy-efficient as fiberglass. Vinyl windows are flexible, which means they also warp, soften, and twist under the right conditions. Fiberglass replacement windows don’t warp, they hold their shape, and they are made with multiple layers of glazing, which provides better insulation. They are also tinted which keeps the sunlight out of your home. All of these qualities combined make fiberglass windows a better value.

Once installed, fiberglass replacement windows are more energy-efficient than the other two options.

Upfront Pricing and Ongoing Maintenance

Wood windows are nicer to look at than vinyl windows. Vinyl is usually less expensive upfront than both options. But fiberglass is no more expensive than wood, so if the only factor was pricing, vinyl just may win the contest.

Too bad it’s not the only concern.

Wood replacement windows need to be resealed to prevent rotting and too many layers of paint can ruin them. They naturally deteriorate over time and allow drafts. Vinyl windows cannot be easily repaired, and depending on which expert you ask, may or may not be able to be repainted. They’re also more durable than wood, but they age faster than fiberglass replacement windows. Although vinyl windows are stronger than wood, fiberglass windows are eight times stronger than vinyl replacement windows. Fiberglass also requires the least amount of maintenance between the three types of replacement windows. They can be repaired most easily and they can be repainted.

Strength and Durability

Fiberglass windows don’t warp because they’re stronger than both wood and vinyl. They’re also more weather-resistant so they don’t shrink during the winter and expand during the summer. They hold their original shape better than vinyl and wood. This shrinking and expansion increases your utility bills and it also means a shorter lifespan for the replacement windows.

Fiberglass replacement windows are manufactured with multiple layers of glazing which adds insulation to your windows. A fiberglass replacement window may also keep your home cool enough that you may be able to skip the air conditioning some days. Neither wood nor vinyl offers this extra benefit.

Fiberglass replacement windows wear better overall than vinyl and wood windows. Of the three different types of windows, fiberglass replacement windows require the least amount of upkeep. Vinyl requires less maintenance than wood replacement windows, but fiberglass still wins.

Fiberglass replacement windows stand the test of time better than the other two, and they have less ongoing maintenance issues and costs.

Why Choose Fiberglass Replacement Windows for Your Michigan or Ohio Home

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