Should you replace or refurbish your Hardwood Floors?

Replace hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can take a lot of abuse. We probably don’t realize the amount of abuse we subject our floors to, but overtime they begin to wear out and age. At this point you have two options. You can either refurbish your floors to their former glory, or tear them out and completely replace them. While refurbishing your floor is typically cheaper than replacing it, that does not always make it the best option. Below are the benefits of replacing your hardwood floors instead of refurbishing them.


It’s important to first realize that not every wood floor can be completely restored by refinishing it. Refurbishing is only cosmetic and if your floor has become warped or damaged in any way, refinishing will not be able to fix that. Moreover, refurbishing a damaged floor will only brighten the damaged spots. If your floor has damages then replacement is most certainly the best option.


If your floor has been in place for decades, then refinishing may not do anything at all. The floor may resist the finish due to a number of reasons. If the floor has already been refinished several times, or if too much of the surface wood has become exposed then refurbishing will have little to no effect on your floor. For older floors, replacement is the way to go.


Refurbishing your floors will only restore them to their original shine. However, replacing your hardwood floors will allow you to completely change the look of the floor itself. When you replace your floor, you can change the style of wood, the direction of the planks, and the consistency of the material. Replacing your hardwood floors can give your room a completely new look and feel.


On average, refurbishing floors takes far more time than it would to replace them. Refinishing is a meticulous and messy process that can take four to nine days to complete with a whole slew of different tools involved. Not to mention, during this process the floors must remain completely untouched. On the other hand, replacing your floors can take anywhere from two to seven days and you are free to roam during the duration of the project.

Before you settle on the cheaper option take some time to consider these points and decide whether or not you should be replacing the hardwood in your home. Should you need hardwood replacement, Majic is here for you.

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