3 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying SmartStrand™ Carpet For Your Home

Majic SmartStrand Carpet
Since it’s reveal in 2005, SmartStrand™ carpet has been winning over consumers. In fact, a US national survey conducted by Brandware Research found that SmartStrand™ received the highest customer ratings for quality, durability, maintenance, and cleaning amongst all other types of carpet. However, before delving into why SmartStrand™ is better than other carpet options available, you may first want to know what SmartStrand™ is.

What is SmartStrand?

SmartStrand™ is the only original, authentic 100% rhino-tested carpet that has been taking the world by storm. Not sure what we’re talking about when we mention the rhino-test? Take a quick look at this video which demonstrates the test of SmartStrand™ carpet. SmartStrand™ is manufactured with renewable ingredients instead of using delicate natural resources. The manufacturing process all starts with corn. The corn is harvested and processed to obtain Bio-PDO™, which is a key ingredient for the carpet fiber. From Bio-PDO™, the renewably sourced polymer can then be spun into fiber and then tufted into carpet. Now that you know what SmartStrand™ carpet is, why should you buy it? We’ll explain.

Easy to Clean

There are a good several reasons why SmartStrand™ carpet is better than any other type of carpet in the market, but perhaps the best aspect about SmartStrand™ carpet is that it’s low maintenance. SmartStrand™ features a breakthrough stain resistance that’s built right into the fiber instead of being topically applied. Since the stain resistance is built into the SmartStrand™ DNA it won’t wash out or off! Better yet, because of this breakthrough technology, most stains remove easily with hot water extraction and a mild detergent. SmartStrand™ even resists discoloration from bleach.

Extremely Durable

SmartStrand™ is also incredibly durable. The strands bend easily and rebound quickly in order to handle the highest level of foot traffic possible without crushing. In fact, each carpet fiber has been wear tested with over 20,000 footsteps to simulate a year of normal activity without any sign of wear, or breakdown. How is this possible you ask? The polymer has a unique kinked molecular structure in order to resist the crushing and matting that can occur with other carpets. Moreover, SmartStrand™ also has excellent colorfast properties that resist fading from sunlight exposure.

Remarkably Soft

Yet another great aspect of this revolutionary carpet, is that despite being so tough, there is no sacrifice to comfort. SmartStrand™ carpet is remarkably soft! Most carpets require chemical treatments to fight stains, which leave the fibers feeling course and rough. However, since SmartStrand™ is equipped with built in stain protection, it stays gentle, soft, and ultra-comfortable. SmartStrand™ is an incredible advancement in carpet technology and it’s easy to see why consumers have begun to prefer it.

Your phone is smart, your car is smart, maybe it’s about time you make your carpet smart by investing in SmartStrand™ carpet! When you need new carpet, Majic Window is here for you. Our carpet is made with SmartStrand™ and it’s manufactured as a continuous strand so that it won’t fuzz or shed like other carpets. For more information, or to view samples of our carpet options visit our carpet page.