How Majic Fiberglass Windows Can Drastically Cut Your Winter Heating Bill

Majic Fiberglass Windows can drastically cut your winter heating bill!

The cost of heating your home is by no means cheap, especially in the middle of winter. When it comes to saving on heating costs every little bit helps. Being that windows are an opening to the outside world, a lot of heat can escape through them. In fact, an average home can lose up to 30% of its energy through its windows. As one of the most energy efficient window types in the marketplace, Majic Fiberglass Windows can reduce your heating costs drastically! There are some serious issues with more traditional window options. Wood frames warp and rot over time allowing for air infiltration. Aluminum frames conduct the cold into the interior of your home, and vinyl frames weaken with time lessening the windows insulating power. On the other hand, fiberglass windows do not expand or contract with changes in temperature sealing in as much heat as possible. The U.S. department of energy has declared that fiberglass frames have the highest energy efficiency rating of any type of frame material.  In some cases, homes with fiberglass windows installed have cut their heating bill by as much as 50%. That is not a typo! Installing fiberglass windows could cut your heating bill in half! Do not miss out on a great opportunity to save big on winter heating costs. You might want to visit our fiberglass window page and take a look into investing in Majic Window Fiberglass Windows for your home today!