The Best Carpet Cleaning Practices

Majic Carpet Cleaning
Carpets are wonderful in that they act as a giant air filter for your home. They keep the air clean by collecting a home’s dirt and dust. However, the dirt and dust act like sandpaper eroding carpet fibers down over time. To prevent that from happening and increase the life of your carpet Majic Window has a few carpet cleaning tips to provide you.

Buy A Vacuum That Matches Your Needs

Don’t be fooled by a high price and a sleek design. These are not good indicators of performance. In fact, there are plenty of cheaper vacuum models with a price range in the double digits that will get the job done just as well as vacuums with a price in the triple digits. Instead, focus on the vacuum’s features and how they apply to your home’s needs. If you have stairs you’re going to want a vacuum with a light weight and a removable stair-cleaning attachment. If you have pets that shed, then you are more than likely going to need a vacuum with a hose and multiple hose attachments. Figure out what your needs are and then find a vacuum to match.

Maintain Your Vacuum

Once you’ve bought your vacuum it’s important to maintain it in order to prolong its useful life. Make sure to empty the canister or bag frequently. Check the hose for clogs and change the filter when it starts to turn gray.  Maintain your investment properly and you could end up with a vacuum that lasts you anywhere from five to ten years.

Vacuum Slowly

When vacuuming you should try to use overlapping strokes and take your time. It’s best to count slowly to three with each forward and backward stroke. In doing this you will give the vacuum time to work and clean the carpet as thoroughly as possible.

Treat Stains Immediately

If possible, you should take care of stains immediately after they occur. Most of the modern carpets today are made to resist liquid penetration for a short amount of time, so simply blotting the stain with a dry cloth will prevent it from setting in. If blotting doesn’t get the job done you can then move on to treating the carpet with soda water or some other cleaning solution. Better Homes and Gardens has an incredible stain fixing tool that can diagnose the treatment for a total of 1,000 different stain combinations. Pay a visit to the stain fixing tool to find out the best way to treat the stain you may be dealing with.

As you begin to clean your carpets for spring cleaning be sure to keep these tips in mind. In case you missed the other two posts in our spring cleaning series, you can also read about the fastest way to clean your windows and the best cleaning solutions for your hardwood floors. If you’re thinking it’s time for new carpet look no further than Majic’s DuPont™ SmartStrand™ carpet. It is the most durable, crush resistant carpet in the market today! Curious to know more? Visit our carpet page.