5 Signs It’s Time For Replacement Windows

Deteriorating windows indicate it's time for new fiberglass replacement windows.

Much like any other aspect of your home, windows will deteriorate with time. As windows deteriorate there comes a time when replacement windows are needed. When it comes to knowing when it is time to replace your home windows, there might not always be a very clear indication. However, Majic Window has highlighted 5 important things to look for in deciding when it may be time for new windows.

15 Year Old Windows

If your windows are 15 years or older, there is a good chance they might be in need of replacement. Your windows may no longer be performing as well as they should and the 15 year mark is usually the point at which windows begin to surpass their useful life. Window technology has come a long way in the last 15 years and upgrading to new windows could work wonders for your home.

Failing To Keep the Outside Elements Outside

If your windows are leaking or letting in drafts it is most certainly time to replace windows. Homeowners are often very surprised to find that the cost of replacement windows is offset by the household energy cost savings provided from newer, more energy efficient windows.

Operating Difficulty

Are your windows fighting you to open, or do they get stuck in the up or down position? It can be extremely frustrating when windows do not operate the way you want them to. Eliminate the headache and invest in new windows that are designed to stand the test of time.

Rotting, Blistering, or Peeling Windows

This one is a bit of a given. If a window is rotting or falling apart it should be replaced as soon as possible. Likewise, if your windows are blistering or peeling they should also be replaced. It is much easier to replace your windows with new ones than to have to constantly undergo repairs and paint touch-ups which are costly and time consuming.

Drab, Outdated, or Out of Place Windows

Having high quality windows that match the style of your house is an important factor in the overall feel of your home. If your window does not match the overall look of your home it is more than likely time for new windows.

Do your windows exhibit of these issues? It’s more than likely time to start looking into getting new replacement windows! Take a look at Majic’s wonderful selection of fiberglass windows. Our windows are built in a variety of shapes and colors so that you can find the right fit for your home. Don’t hesitate! Request a free quote from Majic today!