What Are the Benefits of Composite Decks Over Wood Decks?


Your deck is the perfect place for backyard barbecues, neighborhood potlucks, and family get-togethers. You’ll love having a secure, gorgeous place to create new memories. However, you may be wondering whether to select a composite or wood deck. Composite decks offer many benefits from durability to safety.

They’re Long Lasting

Unlike wood decks, composite decks are made to last. While traditional wood decks may look beautiful, they require much more maintenance and ongoing upkeep. Composite decks are made to resist rot, fading and weathering. Say goodbye to constant splinters! When it comes to resisting the elements, it’s much easier for a composite deck to do its job season after season than a wood deck. Finally, many composite decks offer a warranty to provide you with a peace of mind.

The Materials Are Eco-Friendly

Many composite decks are made of recycled materials. These materials may include leftover wood scraps, plastic and wood grains. You’re likely to find a combination of leftover wood and plastic in your composite deck. This combination of materials allows your deck to stay durable while remaining eco-friendly.

They Offer Long Term Cost Benefits

Many homeowners select wood decks over composites because of the initial price tag. Composite decks may run you a bit more at first glance. However, looking at the full picture, you’ll see that they have many long-term benefits and savings. It all comes down to maintenance.

As wood decks are less durable, you’ll need to consistently stain, treat and repair to keep things looking nice. On the other hand, composite decking often comes with UV and weather resistant features. These extras pay for themselves in terms of upkeep, time and products. Aren’t decks made to be enjoyed? Sure, some upkeep is expected but your time is best spent enjoying your new backyard space with the ones you care about.

Think Safety and Style

Safety is always important when considering home installations and construction. Don’t let your new deck become a pain in your side or at worse, a dangerous eyesore. As wooden decks may rot and splinter over time, homeowners have to be very careful to keep them in the best condition possible.

A rotten deck makes it easy to trip and fall. This issue becomes particularly concerning to families with small children or older adults. If your deck is near a pond or pool, it’s imperative to ensure that it’s safe at all times. Composite decks allow you to rest easy. Enjoy a weather-resistant deck that keeps its shape for years to come.

Don’t forget you can customize your deck to look just how you’d like. Stains, colors, and textures of all varieties are available. Your deck should reflect your own personal tastes and fit in with your backyard. Composite decks allow you to do just that.

Composite decks combine customization with long term cost benefits, eco-friendly materials, durability and safe construction to create a backyard beauty that’s a real winner.

Benefits of Composite Decks Over Wood Decks

These are just a few of the benefits that composite decking has to offer. For more information on the benefits of composite decks over wood decks, give Majic Window a call today at: 248-668-9090. Majic Window offers composite decks guaranteed to last a lifetime.