How A Walk-In Tub Will Change Your Life

Majic Walk-In Tub Lifechanging

When you think life changing events, thoughts of winning the lottery, scoring the job you’ve always wanted, or meeting the sweetheart of your dreams are probably some of the first to come to mind. It’s safe to say that a bathtub is probably not at the top of the life changing list. However, a walk-in tub does have the power to change and improve your life in ways you may have never expected. Not yet convinced? Read our top three reasons how below.

1) It’ll Provide the Safety You’re Looking For

Most likely, the first thing people think about when they consider a walk-in bathtub is safety. In fact, these tubs are designed to provide more safety for users than traditional tubs. Most of these tubs are made for those with mobility issues or special needs. However, they can be used and enjoyed by anyone.

What are the key differences between a traditional tub and a walk-in tub? For starters, the door. An inward opening door allows users to enter without having to raise their legs over the edge of the tub. The door closes securely so no water seeps out. Features like handrails, anti-slip mats and even seats make the walk-in tub much safer than your traditional bath tub.

2) It’ll Improve the Appearance of Your Bathroom

Unlike many functional household items, walk-in tubs have the potential to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. The options are seemingly endless. You can choose from a variety of gelcoat and fiberglass models, as well as, acrylics ones. Additionally, you have the option of positioning your drain on the right or left hand side. You can also choose a model which fits the size of your current tub space or is larger. Majic offers this type of personalization to ensure that your tub will be exactly how you like it!

3) It’ll Soothe Aches and Pains

Imagine the comfort and relief you get from a spa experience. Now, imagine being able to have that spa experience right in your very own home. Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?

Today’s versions feature many bells and whistles similar to hot tubs and spas. For those who suffer from daily aches and pains, heading out for a massage or treatment can seem like a chore. By the time you load up and get in the car, you may already be exhausted. Save your energy and take advantage of hydrotherapy’s benefits in your own personal bathroom.

Walk-in bathtubs often come with hydro-jets. While soaking in the water, you can allow the jets to work their magic on your back, neck, or shoulders. The heat of the water will encourage your muscles to relax and blood vessels to dilate.

These tubs do more than provide a little extra comfort. They can soothe a worried mind by providing you with the safety you and your loved ones need. They’ll also care for a tired body by giving you the relaxation and therapy you deserve.

Ready to change your life? It may all start with a new Majic Window Walk-In Tub.

How A Walk-In Tub Will Change Your Life

For more information on how a walk-in tub will change your life, or to find out why the Majic Walk-In Tub is superior to other walk-in tubs, give Majic Window a call today.