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The Best of Both Worlds

Your front entry door is often the first thing people notice when visiting your home. It creates a welcoming environment, and can be a major accent piece to your home’s style. But what separates Majic fiberglass entry doors from traditional wood or steel?

Wood doors can be works of art that complement any home, for now. What they don’t tell you is that wood doors warp in Michigan and Ohio weather, causing them to jam, and eventually fail completely. In fact, the optimal functional life of a wood door in Michigan is only four to seven years. Replacing and repairing your door every 4-7 years? At Majic, we find that unacceptable.

Steel doors are functionally sound, but lack the charm and decorative appeal of Majic fiberglass doors. And style options are very limited – painting your steel door a different color is just about your only means of customization. Steel is also extremely vulnerable to dents and scratches, and is a poor insulator. Try standing next to a steel door during the winter and see firsthand how much cold air is making its way inside.

Majic fiberglass entry doors outperform traditional wood and steel doors in every category. Majic doors last a lifetime and have the Majic Lifetime Guarantee to prove it. They are a superior insulator to wood and steel and will keep your home “green” and energy efficient. Finally, the attractive design options allow you to complement your home’s exterior and create a home entrance with your own personal touch.

See what makes a Majic Entry Door the perfect addition to your home’s exterior.

  • Supremely energy efficient
  • Hundreds of custom design options
  • Majic Lifetime Guarantee
  • Advanced Hydroshield border
  • Filled with high-density polyurethane foam
  • Resistant to dents and scratches

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