Composite Decks: Smart for the Environment and Your Family


Why Composite Decks Are Smart for the Environment and Your Family

Home owners can finally make a home-improvement decision that is smart for the environment as well as for your family. Composite decks are made from recycled plastics and wood shavings to form a finish that is durable and lasts for a long time. You can reduce the amount of waste going into the landfills and increase the amount of wonderful memories your family creates. Keep reading for 3 more benefits of choosing a composite deck and how you can make the smartest decision for your family:

No Exploitation of Natural Areas

Composite Decks are made from up-to 90 percent recycled materials and can be recycled themselves after years of use. Their environmentally-smart production eliminates the exploitation of natural habitats, lowers the amount of air pollution from chemically-fueled machinery, and keeps our wooded areas healthy and untouched. Composite decks are incredibly durable from their combination of plastics and wood which reduces the amount of repairs and replacements needed over time. You can give your family an extension of living space with a beautiful deck that also helps the environment remain as is.

The Structure Will Not be Compromised Over Time

Because of the incredible strength and hardiness of composite decks, you can enjoy your home addition without having to worry about it losing its standard of safety for a long time. Composite decks do not easily welcome pests, mold, or other sources that cause warping and shifts in the structure. Wood decks absorb moisture which helps to expand and contort them over time, creating mold under the surface and causing cracking and splitting. Humidity also contributes to the shifting of a wood deck which can affect the structural fixings and reduce its safety level.

No Screws or Nails Will be Used

Not only is it advantageous for the appearance of your deck, but the lack of screws and nails also reduces the potential of your family tripping, getting caught, or scraping themselves on sharp objects. Wood decks require nails and screws to be installed and due to their easily compromised structure, they can easily lift from the surface and cause potentially dangerous situations. Composite decks do not need nails to reinforce their structure and are designed with snap-in planks that easily fit together perfectly.

Composite Decks Increase the Value of  Your Home

You can secure your family’s future and boost the value of your home with the addition of an attractive, durable deck. A deck provides an extension of your livable space which immediately increases the value and appeal of your home, because you can offer more square footage to enjoy. A composite deck provides this extra space with an attractive finish that lasts for years and a durable structure that won’t require expensive repairs.

Composite Decks: Smart for the Environment and Your Family

There are many benefits of choosing a composite deck over a wood deck for your Michigan or Ohio home. You can provide your family with a smart addition that will improve your future, create many fun memories outside, and will remain a wonderful space for many, many years. Call Majic Window today to learn more about composite decks.

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