Composite Decking Material is the Better Investment

Composite decking is a better investment

Composite Or Wood Decking: Which Is The Better Investment?

Composite decking has become the next greatest product for home owners due to its durability, strength and appearance. Composite decks offer benefits other products like wood simply aren’t capable of. Made for years of wear and tear, composite decks won’t be compromised in structure and will remain beautiful over many uses. Although more expensive upfront, composite decks can save you money in the long run due to less repairs and replacements.

Keep reading to see why purchasing a composite deck for your home is a better investment than wood decking:

Composite Is Eco-Friendly

Made from up-to 90% recycled plastics and wood shavings, composite decks are friendly to the environment and can be recycled after years of use. They also help to protect our natural habitats because composite decks don’t require any exploitation of wooded areas as well as the use of chemical-emitting machinery. You can truly feel great about investing in a composite deck and investing to help keep our world clean.

Wood decks are not recycled or recycle-able and require new trees to be cut down to create them. Wood decks also require further work to maintain them with chemical-laden stains and finishes.

Composite Decks Will Remain Strong For Years

Made to be extremely durable, composite decks won’t shift in shape and structure due to temperature variations, pests or mold. The material combination of plastic and wood repels water and deters insects from invading. You won’t have to consistently replace boards or sections due to warping, contracting or swelling of the deck, with composite decking, there is very little maintenance.

Wood decks can easily be compromised in structure due to changes in degree, and can become a source of food for pests that further aid its degradation. You will experience many costs in repairs due to boards or entire sections becoming no longer safe to use, or attractive to look at. Wood decking simply is not as strong as composite decking and won’t hold up like it can.

Composite Decks Retain Their Appearance With Little To No Maintenance

Composite decking is created by combining plastic and wood with coloring to achieve its solid structure and long-lasting appearance. The coloring is thoroughly set in and will experience very little fading over time. Home owners can enjoy a lovely looking deck over many years that continues to appear brand new.

Wood decking will need to be re-stained or re-painted over a few years to bring it back to its original appearance. The stain and paint can easily chip and wear off over time due to moderate usage and will cost a significant investment to have it refreshed. Not only do the finishes contribute to a less-than desirable appearance, but the lifting and contracting of planks also aid in an unattractive deck.

Composite Decking Material is the Better Investment

Composite decks are clearly the smarter investment for your home, and while they require a higher initial cost, it will end up saving you in the long run due to its efficiency, durability and strength.  Call Majic Window today to learn more about investing in composite decking material for your home.

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