How To Clean Your Windows The Majic Way

Majic provides the fastest way for you to clean your windows.

Spring is here and you’ve probably begun the annual spring cleaning ritual. Either that, or you’re going to be starting sometime in the near future. Cleaning an entire house from top to bottom can be exhausting and time consuming, but Majic Window wants to be able to help you drastically reduce the time it takes to clean the one thing we know best…windows! You’ve probably tried using traditional methods like newspaper, a sponge scrubber, or a squeegee with some less than desirable results. Today we’d like to provide you with the Majic way to clean windows and it all starts with a simple cleaning solution.

Majic Window's effective window cleaning solution contains just two main ingredients.

Solution Ingredients

½ Gallon of warm water

1 Tablespoon of liquid ‘Jet Dry’

2-3 Tablespoons of laundry detergent or dish washing soap


Begin by mixing all of the ingredients above. Next, spray all of your windows down with your hose. Then, wipe or brush the cleaning solution onto the windows and immediately hose it off. That’s all it takes to clean your window the Majic way! The remaining water will sheet off so no towel drying is necessary.

This method is so fast and easy that you will never want to clean your windows any other way. How long do you think it would normally take you to clean two full sliding glass doors and eight large windows? With the Majic method you can clean all of that glass in nine minutes flat! Don’t believe us? Try it yourself on your home. We guarantee that you’ll like the results.

Important Note

If you have white spots on your window it is due to the magnesium and calcium left from hard water that often comes from lawn sprinklers. If this is the case, an additional step will need to be taken in order to remove the white spots from your windows. The first step in the process is to dust the windows in order to prevent any scratches. After that, the windows should be cleaned with a solution comprised of half water and half vinegar. Once the solution has been applied to your windows it can then be rinsed off with your hose. If the spots seem tough to remove you can then ignore the water and stick to undiluted vinegar. Once the white spots are removed you can then use the Majic method mentioned above to finish cleaning your windows.

We hope you will put our Majic Window cleaning method to good use! In the weeks to follow we will try to save you even more time and energy with additional cleaning tips for other time consuming areas like carpet, bath tubs, and hard wood flooring. Make sure to check back into our Majic weekly blog!