6 Ways to Care for Your Michigan or Ohio Composite Deck

Composite Deck Care
When you chose to install your composite deck, you were probably excited about how little upkeep it required. Don’t worry, nothing has changed. Composite decks still remain one of the best low maintenance decking options. However, some basic care is needed to keep things looking their best. Check out our simple tips to develop your deck cleaning routine.

Do the Initial Cleaning First

Just as you sweep before you mop your floors, you’ll need to remove excess dirt from your composite deck before doing a more thorough cleaning. Use a broom or leaf blower to get rid of dirt, sticks and other debris. Be sure to pick up any bits of trash as well. This task should be performed weekly to avoid buildup and serious stains.

Remove Stains with Soap and Water

A mild soap and some water are all you need to remove most stains. Use a soft scrub brush to concentrate on stained areas. Once you’ve removed them, follow up with a pressure hose to remove any hidden debris and leftover soap.

Treat Tannin Spots

You may find that tannin spots develop on your composite deck over time. Products with oxalic acid are the best option when removing these stains. Look for ones labeled as deck brighteners and check the ingredient list. These products are also useful for fighting rust stains. To avoid more stains, be sure to keep your deck as dry as possible and allow water to drain easily.

Food Stains

As much as we hate to tell you, eventually someone is going to drop a greasy hamburger or big cup of soda on your deck. Don’t be afraid, composite decks are easy to clean as long as you do it quickly.

Remove the food or liquid as soon as you can. Treat the area like you would with a basic cleaning. Mix up a bucket of soapy, warm water and remove the stain with a soft bristle brush. To prevention future stains, consider applying a degreaser regularly to the deck’s surface.

Removing Ice and Snow

Don’t forget about your composite deck during the winter season. It still needs a little love and care, otherwise, it may take revenge on you in the warmer months with mildew and water stains.

Start by removing the snow with a shovel. Take care not to scratch the surface of the deck during the removal process. Next, use calcium chloride to melt down the leftover ice and snow.

Dealing with Scratches

No matter how careful you are with your composite deck, scratches and nicks are likely to occur. Minor ones can be removed with a wire brush. Simply move the brush in the direction of the grain. Use light strokes to avoid further damage.

For deeper marks and scratches, you may need to use a soldering iron. Heating up the area and blending the scratch gently will make it less noticeable.

These maintenance techniques will make it easier to keep your Michigan or Ohio composite deck looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

6 Ways to Care for Your Michigan or Ohio Composite Deck

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