10 DIY New Uses For Old Window Frames

DIY Window Frame Wedding Board
When Majic Window replaces your windows is there anything you can do with your old frames? We were wondering the exact same thing and so we did some digging to find a couple of cool alternate uses for your window frames. With a little bit of effort and creativity your old frames can be transformed into an exciting new piece for your home.


Majic Window Frame Chalkboard
This idea makes for a very fun and easy DIY project. Using a screwdriver or scraper, carefully remove any old glazing so that the glass panes can be safely removed. Once the panes are taken out of the window frame, cut a piece of hardboard to fit the frame. Paint your hardboard with two coats of chalkboard paint. After the paint has cured you can attach the hardboard to the window frame and add hanging brackets to the back. One really fun use for you new window frame chalkboard would be to use it as a calendar much like the frame in the picture.

Garden plot

Window Frame Garden Plot
Your window frame is already divided into equal plots. Construct a wooden frame under the window frame and fill each frame with dirt to create a neat little home garden.

Bird Cage

Majic Window Frame Bird Cage
Do you have any pet birds, or better yet, would you like to have any? You could build them a nice little cage to live in by nailing four smaller frames together like the sample cage in the picture. Simply add a roof and some wire mesh and you’re all set!

Picture Frame

Majic Window Wire Picture Frame
This is without a doubt one of our favorite uses for recycled windows. Window frames make for great picture frames! You could frame one picture within each pane, or you could attach wire strings and hang up multiple pictures from your window frames much like the example in the picture.


Majic Window Frame Mirror
You can take your old window and transform it into a mirror! By spraying the glass panes with reflective spray paint your window can become a reflective mirror. Reflective spray praint is relatively cheap and can be bought at Home Depot or JoAnn’s.

Display boxes

Majic Window Frame Display Box
If you’re a very crafty person you can transform your window frame into decorative display boxes much like the picture above. Decide on a theme to portray and get to work on decorating each box to create an awesome display piece. Maybe you could use a window frame for each family member in the house. Every pain could be decorated with pictures, medals, awards, and other significant memorabilia that would give you a window into that person, so to speak.

Porch Sign

Majic Window Frame Porch Sign
You can use an old window frame to create a personalized welcome sign for your porch! Consult The Apron Blog for more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to craft your own DIY front porch window frame sign.

Coat Rack

Majic Window Frame Coat Rack
A coat rack is nothing more than a plank of wood with hooks mounted to it. Simply mount hooks to your window frame and you have a perfectly functional coat rack! You could take it a step further and place a decorative texture or image inside the frames. As you can see, the picture above combines the coat rack with the chalkboard idea.

Cabinet Door

Majic Window Frame Cabinet Door
If you have a need for extra storage space, you could custom build your own cabinet and use an old window frame as the cabinet door. Simply pair the frame with a cabinet pull and cabinet hinges to create a fully functional door.

Hang Them Up As Is

Majic Window Frame Art
Windows themselves make for cool, artistic pieces. You may choose to hang them up on your walls as is to give your home an interesting, rustic look.

Do any of these alternate uses appeal to you? Can you think of any other alternate uses? We’d love to hear about them! For even more inspiration take a look at these 30 photographs of re-purposed old windows. Don’t have any old window frames lying around? Maybe it’s time your existing windows were replaced. It’s certainly worth the investment! In fact, Majic Fiberglass Windows are the best value for your money. We realize that is a bold statement to be making, but if you follow the link you’ll understand why we’re able to make it. Majic Windows come in thousands of custom colors so you can perfectly match our windows to the style of your existing interior. Additionally, Majic Fiberglass Windows are three times more energy efficient and eight times stronger than traditional vinyl windows. For more information, be sure to visit our fiberglass windows page to learn more about our fiberglass advantage.