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4 Stylish Treatments for Your Bay Windows

In February we wrote about how to transform your double hung windows and we covered how to stylize your casement windows. This month Majic is back with tips on how to treat your bay windows! We have collected some of our favorite bay window drapery styles and listed them here for you. 1) Panels and  Continue Reading »

What Paint Color Says About Your Personality

    There is a lot of psychology behind color. If you take a look around your house you will probably notice a theme in the way your rooms are painted. You may notice an abundance of greens, blues, or sunset shades. What you may not realize is that the colors of your walls are  Continue Reading »

When Is It Time For Replacement Windows?

Last month we highlighted several indicators that could signal the need for new replacement windows, but this is by no means an all-encompassing list. This week Majic Window has a few more signs for you to consider when figuring out whether or not it is time for new windows. Single-Paned Windows Many older homes still  Continue Reading »

Stylish Window Treatments For Your Casement Windows

Last week we wrote about stylish treatments to update your double hung windows, but we do not want to limit your style options to only one type of window. This week Majic is covering casement windows and the different types of ways casement windows can be styled to fit the look of your home. Below,  Continue Reading »

Stylish Window Treatments For Your Double Hung Windows

  Double hung windows are the tried and true traditional option for windows. There are a number of different ways to treat the double hung window so that it is given the proper accent within your current interior design. Take a look at some of the different style window treatments Majic Window has outlined below.  Continue Reading »

4 Things You Should Be Doing To Reduce Winter Expenses

Last month we provided you with 4 ways to reduce your costly winter energy bills. This week Majic Window has compiled another 4 easy things you can do to reduce your winter expenses immediately! Check them out below. Wash Clothes In Cold Water It’s no surprise that heating water counts for a large percentage of  Continue Reading »

5 Signs It’s Time For Replacement Windows

Much like any other aspect of your home, windows will deteriorate with time. As windows deteriorate there comes a time when replacement windows are needed. When it comes to knowing when it is time to replace your home windows, there might not always be a very clear indication. However, Majic Window has highlighted 5 important things to  Continue Reading »

4 Big Tips To Reduce Your Winter Energy Bill

  Last month we talked about how Majic Window can help you save money on your winter energy bills, but changing out your windows is not the only step you can take to reduce your energy costs. This week, the team at Majic Window has taken the time to outline a couple more energy saving tips  Continue Reading »

Why Fiberglass Windows Are Gaining In Popularity

  There was a time very recently when fiberglass windows were considered a niche in the U.S. windows market, but that perception is rapidly changing. The most recent marketing report released by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association found that fiberglass windows account for a 3.2% share of the windows market and a 2.6%  Continue Reading »

How Majic Fiberglass Windows Can Drastically Cut Your Winter Heating Bill

  The cost of heating your home is by no means cheap, especially in the middle of winter. When it comes to saving on heating costs every little bit helps. Being that windows are an opening to the outside world, a lot of heat can escape through them. In fact, an average home can lose  Continue Reading »